Safe & Secure Payments


Our online card payments processed very securely on our behalf by Realex. does not collect or retain financial information. Although you may pay us using your various cards that process is not carried out on our website. Instead, you are transferred momentarily through secure connections to the card clearance site of Realex who actually carry out the financial transaction between you and Realex then automatically clears your card details from our system. We have no access to that data and hold only the information that the transaction is either approved/declined. For data protection or queries relating to transactions in relation to your personal cards you must first contact your card issuer.

Safe & Secure Payments Secured by Global Payments and Powered by PayPal

We also accept payments via the PayPal payment gateway, Similarly to the above, the actual payment process is carried out on PayPal. Again, none of your personal financial information is available to us. We receive the payment from Paypal on your behalf only. We do not receive card or account information from Paypal. If you have any queries in relation to the payment made to us on your behalf, or on related data security issues, you must first approach Paypal help desk.